Smart farm-to-table.
Year-round, premium quality produce.

Grown here.

A Pure Harvest is no
ordinary harvest...

What do we do differently? Our difference: we invest in world-leading Dutch hydroponic farming technologies to deliver you only the absolute best quality produce.

Our fresh produce is cleaner than organic.

We take water conservation seriously. ~85% of the water that we consume leaves our farm in your food. Furthermore, we grow year-round, even in the harshest summer months. This is part of our mission to offer food security, helping the country’s mission toward self-sufficiency and environmental sustainability.

Quality is of paramount importance to us. We utilize advanced on-site water treatment to ensure food safety. We also pack our own produce: immediately cooling fresh-picked produce to extend shelf life – preserving freshness, firmness and taste.

How do we produce?

We believe that controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) is the path to food security in arid climates.

Sustainable Agriculture
Security of Supply
Food Safety
Premium Quality
Cost Savings

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Press Coverage

Founding Members

Sky Kurtz Founder & CEO
Mahmoud Adi Cofounder & Board Member

Our Advisory Board

Mr. David Scott

David Scott is an experienced government and business executive focused on energy sector and nation-building programs. Mr. Scott is also the founder of the Investment Diplomacy Group (IDG) and previously served as Executive Director of Economic and Energy Affairs at the Executive Affairs Authority (EAA) of Abu Dhabi.

Ms. Janell Holas

Ms. Holas is Vice President of Marketing (Laundry Care) at Henkel where she manages a marketing budget of $85MM to support U.S. Premium Laundry Detergents. In her current capacity, Ms. Holas is responsible for the highest-priority and fastest-growing brand in Henkel's North America business.

Dr. Jouke Campen

Dr. Jouke Campen is a Project Manager at Wagenigen University and globally recognized expert in computational fluid dynamics calculations for greenhouses. Dr. Campen has launched high-tech greenhouse research initiatives across the GCC region and is a leading expert on Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) in arid climates.

Mr. Christopher Gillit

Mr. Gillitt is Agricultural Economist at Palladium Consulting and holds more than 12 years professional experience delivering advisory services and economic modeling to farmers and farmer organizations. He is well-versed and experienced in the development of complex financial models for agribusiness and investment projects and has significant direct experience in the GCC region.

Mr. Sjef Smits

Mr. Sjef Smits is an expert grower with over 20 (twenty) years of experience growing vine crops and tomatoes in particular. Mr. Smits has diverse growing and crop consulting experience including in Holland, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, California, Abu Dhabi and Oman.

Mr. Peter Satow

Mr. Satow is an experienced grower and international crop consultant. In addition to being an owner of a 6.2 Ha Ultraclima semi-closed greenhouse in Provence, France, Peter is the Founder & CEO of PESA Advanced Hydroponics.

Mr. Anil Mehta

Mr. Mehta is Group General Counsel of Al Qattara Investments, a private investment company backed by the Abu Dhabi ruling family. Anil qualified as a Solicitor in England & Wales in 1997 and served with Allen & Overy LLP both in London (five years) and Abu Dhabi (five years).