Smart farm-to-table.
Year-round, premium quality produce.

Grown here.

A Pure Harvest is no
ordinary harvest...

What do we do differently? Our difference: we invest in world-leading Dutch hydroponic farming technologies to deliver you only the absolute best quality produce.

Our fresh produce is better-than-organic. No chemicals or pesticides. No residue.

We take water conservation seriously. ~85% of the water that we consume leaves our farm in your food. Furthermore, we grow year-round, even in the harshest summer months. This is part of our mission to offer food security, helping the country’s mission toward self-sufficiency and environmental sustainability.

Quality is of paramount importance to us. We utilize advanced on-site water treatment to ensure food safety. We also pack our own produce: immediately cooling fresh-picked produce to extend shelf life – preserving freshness, firmness and taste.

How do we produce?

We believe that controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) is the path to food security in arid climates.

Sustainable Agriculture
Security of Supply
Food Safety
Premium Quality
Cost Savings

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Press Coverage

[Our food will be] picked less than 100 kilometres from where it’s consumed," he adds. "Our aspiration is to build a major agriculture player in the region. I believe we can scale and grow.
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Founding Members

Sky Kurtz Founder & CEO
Mahmoud Adi Cofounder & Board Member