Go Pure – Go Local

Year-round, premium quality produce

A Pure Harvest

is no ordinary harvest…

We invest in world-leading controlled-environment agriculture technologies to deliver you only the absolute best quality produce.

Our fresh produce is cleaner than organic.

Our high-tech greenhouses provide precise climate & environmental controls, enabling increased productivity and reduced waste (including water, energy & time). We use technology to take-on the challenges of the region’s harsh climate so that your food doesn’t have to.

Quality is of paramount importance to us. We utilize advanced on-site water treatment to ensure food safety. We also pack our own produce: immediately cooling fresh-picked produce to extend shelf life – preserving freshness, firmness and taste.

How We


enjoy the future today!

We believe that controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) is the future to achieve true food security in arid climates.

We take water conservation seriously. Our technology is 7x more efficient than typical UAE greenhouse farms and over 30x more efficient than traditional field farming. 83% of the water that we consume leaves the farm in your food.
Furthermore, we grow year-round, even in the harshest summer months. This is part of our mission to offer true & tangible food security, helping the country’s mission toward self-sufficiency and environmental sustainability.


7x yield + water re-use technology

Lower Costs

IoT enabled controlled environment agriculture

Premium Quality

Protected by nature, not chemicals

Tomatoes raised right

At Pure Harvest we pride ourselves in growing fruits and vegetables that taste like they should. Currently we are growing 3 tasty tomatoes varieties.

Leadership Team

  • Mr. Sky Kurtz
    Mr. Sky Kurtz Co-Founder & CEO
    • Mr. Mahmoud Adi
      Mr. Mahmoud Adi Co-Founder &
      Board Member
      • Mr. Robert Kupstas
        Mr. Robert Kupstas Co-Founder and Technologist
        • Mr. Jan Prins
          Mr. Jan Prins Head Grower
          • Mr. Majed Halawi
            Mr. Majed Halawi Chief of Staff

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