How We


The Future Is Now.

We believe that controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) is the future to achieve true food security in arid climates.

  • We take resource conservation seriously.
  • Our technology is 7x more efficient than typical desert greenhouse farms and over 30x more efficient than traditional field farming.
  • 83% of the water that we consume leaves the farm in your food.
  • We grow year-round, even in the harshest summer months.
  • This is part of our mission to offer true & tangible food security, helping the country’s mission toward self-sufficiency and environmental sustainability.


10x higher yield and more productive.

Lower Costs

Powered by sunlight. IoT-enabled climate.

Premium Quality

Protected by nature,
not chemicals.

We scour the Arabian desert to select
the best sites for our greenhouses.

Out of the golden dunes, plant paradise is born.

We pamper our plants with a perfect Mediterranean climate year-round, including the hostile summer months.

Our crop is protected by nature, not chemicals. Bumble bees are some of our hardest workers!

From our vines to your table, our team delivers the freshest, best-tasting produce 365 days of the year.