Leadership Team

  • Mr. Sky Kurtz
    Mr. Sky Kurtz Co-Founder & CEO

    Mr. Sky Kurtz is Co-Founder and CEO of Pure Harvest. Mr. Kurtz is an experienced technology private equity investor and business executve with experience in Dubai, Silicon Valley, and New York City. Mr. Kurtz is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

    • Mr. Mahmoud Adi
      Mr. Mahmoud Adi Co-Founder &
      Board Member

      Mr. Mahmoud Adi is Co-Founder and Director of Pure Harvest. A UAE National, Mr. Adi is a private equity investor at Mubadala Investment Company and also Director of Abu Dhabi-based Shorooq Investments. Mr. Adi is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

      • Mr. Robert Kupstas
        Mr. Robert Kupstas Co-Founder and Technologist

        A technology analyst and management consultant, Mr. Kupstas is an expert in the indoor farming and infrastructure sectors. Mr. Kupstas is a graduate of Stanford University’s International Policy Studies (IPS) program.

        • Mr. Jan Prins
          Mr. Jan Prins Head Grower

          A trained master grower with global crop consulting experience, Mr. Prins has co-owned and managed multi-hectare greenhouse projects in the Netherlands, Ethiopia and China. Mr. Prins is a graduate of Erasmus University in the Netherlands.

          • Mr. Majed Halawi
            Mr. Majed Halawi Chief of Staff

            Mr. Halawi manages business operations and corporate development. Mr. Halawi began his career in engineering then turned to management consulting at the Boston Consulting Group. Mr. Halawi holds an M.Sc. from Stanford University and B.Eng. from McGill University.

            Advisory Board Members

            • Mr. David Scott
                Mr. David Scott

                Mr. David Scott is a government and business executive focused on the energy and infrastructure sectors. Mr. Scott founded the Investment Diplomacy Group (IDG), a global consultancy providing expert advice to ventures navigating commercial & political complexity. He previously served as an Executive Director at the Executive Affairs Authority (EAA) of Abu Dhabi and sits on the Board of Directors for the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC).

              • Mr. Anil Mehta
                  Mr. Anil Mehta

                  Anil is General Counsel of Al Qattara Investments, a private investment company based in Abu Dhabi. Anil spent much of his career as an attorney with Allen & Overy LLP in London and Abu Dhabi. He also served as Deputy Head of Legal for the London Olympics and he serves on the Advisory Board of Careem, supporting the leadership team on commercial, legal and strategic matters.

                • Mr. Sultan Khalid
                    Mr. Sultan Khalid

                    Mr. Sultan Khalid is Special Advisor and Local Partner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mr. Khalid has investment experience at the Saudi Industrial Development Fund and management consulting experience at McKinsey&Company. Mr. Khalid is an MBA graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

                  • Ms. Marin Schuerman
                      Ms. Marin Schuerman

                      Ms. Marin Schuerman is Senior Global E-Commerce Manager at Henkel with over 8 years of local and international marketing experience. Ms. Schuerman has managed premium positioned brands for emerging markets including the MENA region, Russia, and Latin America. Ms. Schuerman has extensive professional experience in the GCC region as well.

                    • Mr. Franck Boissinot
                        Mr. Franck Boissinot

                        Mr. Franck Boissinot is Commercial Director at Pure Harvest Smart Farms. A former Vice President of Marketing & E-Commerce at Majid Al Futtaim Retail—Carrefour, Franck has worked in the retail sector for the past 18 years. Prior to his role at Majid Al Futtaim, Franck served as Sourcing, Sales Development and Pricing Manager at CarrefourSA Turkey and Hyperstar Iran.

                      • Mr. Peter Satow
                          Mr. Peter Satow

                          Mr. Peter Satow is a trained grower and international crop consultant with global experience. In addition to being an owner of a 6.2 Ha Ultraclima® semi closed greenhouse in Provence, France, Mr. Satow is the Founder & CEO of PESA Advanced Hydroponics.

                        • Dr. Jouke Campen
                            Dr. Jouke Campen

                            Dr. Jouke Campen is a Project Manager at Wagenigen University and a recognized expert in greenhouse climate control. Dr. Campen has launched greenhouse research initiatives across the GCC region and is a leading expert on CEA design for arid climates.

                          • Mr. Sjef Smits
                              Mr. Sjef Smits

                              Mr. Sjef Smits is an expert grower with over twenty years of experience growing vine crops and tomatoes in particular. Mr. Smits has diverse growing and crop consulting experience including in Holland, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, California, Abu Dhabi and Oman.

                            • Mr. Christopher Gillit
                                Mr. Christopher Gillit

                                Mr. Christopher Gillitt is an Agricultural Economist at Palladium Consulting with over 12 years of experience delivering agriculture, economic advisory, and managerial services to governments, farmers and investors. Mr. Gillitt is experienced in supply/ value chain analysis, optimization, viability models & feasibility studies, and related decision support analyses. He has extensive experience in the GCC region.